advantajes of using drones in mining quarries

Topography of mines and quarries with drones and laser scanner

The topography of an open pit mine can be a dangerous task. In light of increasingly stringent safety regulations and sanctions, certain companies refuse to allow a Surveying Engineer to get too close to critical areas. A method to carry out measurements quickly and accurately, with minimal risk to occupational health and safety, is required.

“The best and effective solution comes from the air”

Advantajes of using drones in mining quarries

One of the great advantages of using GEODRON unmanned aerial vehicle in mining is that, as compared to traditional topographic measurements, the work is not carried out on-site and therefore does not interfere in the mining process, ensuring optimum safety for surveyors. This work method enables one to work safely and without risk of injury as a result of dangerous terrain, environmental pollutants or hazardous machinery.

Projects carried out of Topography in mines and quarries