Control of Electric Lines with drones and Laser Escaner

We perform infrastructure monitoring and inspection jobs with unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with thermographic and high resolution cameras so as to be able to fly very close to the cables without risk to persons, reducing economic costs and allowing the detection of and to prevent any problem in the line, giving the precise information for evaluating the reasons of a malfunction in the lines. The Laser Scanner and LIDAR (terrestrial and aerial) is the perfect complement for an accurate measurement of all the elements of a Network.

Thermographic cameras for tracking power lines

The thermographic cameras can also be applied in the control of photovoltaic and solar thermal plants analysing all data obtained for the purposes of managing vast amounts of information and to be able to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance and to calculate the costs produced by a malfunction, as well as to evaluate possible necessary repairs.

  • Wind turbines
  • High and medium voltage lines
  • Oil pipelines
  • Gas pipelines
  • Railways
  • Photovoltaic installations

thermographic cameras for tracking power lines

Power line control projects